The Irvington Voice

2019-2020 Staff

Darsh Singhania


Darsh Singhania (11) is a staff writer for the Voice. This is his first year with the newspaper, and he is excited to learn and write about varying and unique topics. In his free time, Darsh enjoys reading, drawing, doing debate,...

Will Peng


Will (11) is a first-year staff writer of the Voice, and he hopes that he can actually be useful in a group effort for once. He is part of the school’s marching band; if you see someone blasting a trumpet or leading a group of...

Vidushee Mishra

Features editor

Vidushee (12) is the Features Editor for the Irvington Voice. Her deep love for writing and communicating with a broader audience, encouraged her to join the school newspaper. Aside from journalism, she enjoys competing in Parliam...

Shradha Krishnamurthy

Entertainment editor

Shradha (12) is an Entertainment Editor, in her third year at the voice. In her spare time, she loves watching movies (but is awful at staying quiet through them) and drinking copious amounts of sweetened beverages. She hopes ...

Shivangi Gupta


Shivangi (11) is a staff writer for the Voice, who also loves pick up lines and Chipotle. Apart from her love for Mexican food, she also shares a deep love for reading, dancing, debate, writing, and Spotify’s Top Pop hits. I...

Serena Yeh


Serena (11) is a first year staff writer at the Voice. If she’s not desperately trying to raise her grades, she’s probably watching Youtube endlessly or trying to catch them all. Besides this, she enjoys crafting cute trinke...

Sanjana Gudivada

Publicity director

Sanjana (11) is a junior and is Publicity Director for the Irvington voice. She loves making tik toks in her free time, stacking up on cute stationery and her ultimate goal for junior year is to get tik tok famous. Her favorit...

Sameeha Salman


Sameeha (12) is a staff writer this year for the Irvington Voice. She joined the Voice to get all the juicy school gossip and write about it. Her hobbies include film photography, binge watching Grey's Anatomy, and going to ca...

Roxana Shahmohammadi

Opinions editor

Roxana (12) is an Opinions editor and in her second year in The Voice. She is looking forward to playing good cop to Andrew’s bad cop. She is very pretentious with tea and her favorite is the pomogeranate one from Trader Jo...

Rory Conlon

Student Life editor

Rory Conlon is one of the editors for the Student Life section in the paper. She likes reading, writing, and graphic design.

Rachel Kavalakatt

Humans of Irvington High editor

Rachel (11)  is Humans of Irvington High Editor this year for the Irvington Voice. Her passion for both writing and connecting with others immersed her in the world of journalism, and she has since never looked back! When she’s...

Prahalad Chari

Broadcast manager

Prahalad (11) is the broadcast manager for The Voice, and this is his second year on the staff. He runs the podcast "The Voicebox" but doesn't run out of energy easily. Known for holding many passionate "educational and enlightening" ...

Nikoo Alizadeh

Features editor

Nikoo (11) is one of the Features editors this year, and she like reading or watching Netflix during her free time. Her all-time favorite show is Law and Order SVU, and she hates apples because they have seeds....

Michael Zhu

Sports editor

This is Michael’s (12) second year on The Voice as the sports editor alongside Achintya. Michael stayed with The Voice because it truly does allow him to explore and understand the intricacies and enigmatic nature of the hum...

Megan Dhingra

Student Life editor

Megan (11) is a Student Life Editor this year for The Voice. She enjoys denying her addiction to TikTok and staying up late studying for AP Chem tests. She joined The Voice because they have comprehensive articles on school/community ne...

Kritika Sachar

Web editor

Kritika (11) is Web editor for the Voice. This is her second year in the Voice, and with the new school year she is excited to experience the new dynamic of journalism. Kritika enjoys debating, hanging out with friends, watch...

Kelly Feng


Kelly (10) is a staff writer for The Voice. This is her first year writing for The Voice and she is very excited to be part of the team. In her free time, she likes to sleep because she usually doesn't get any. Aside from sle...

Kayla Xu

Editor-in-chief/ News editor

Kayla (12) is this year’s co-News Editor and co-Editor-in-Chief for Issue 28. This is her third year in The Irvington Voice. Outside of writing articles and making layouts, you can find her in Bronco Billy’s scarfing down ...

Justin Kim

Copy editor

Justin (11) is the copy editor of Vol. 28 of The Voice. He enjoys eating, sleeping, sleeping in class, and volleyball. This year he did not procrastinate on ads and got them in on time.

Joy Kuo


Joy (11) is a staff writer for the Irvington Voice. She joined journalism because she wants to improve her writing while contributing to the Irvington community by highlighting students’ achievements and the school’s events. In h...

Isabella Lam


Isabella (10) is a staff writer for The Voice. She joined journalism because she thought that writing articles would be fun, but it’s just turned into procrastination. Her hobbies include being a sweat in choir, watching Yout...

Geoffrey Zhang


Geoffrey (11) is one of the new staff writers on The Voice, but he probably should’ve applied earlier instead of taking two years of Spanish (which he regrets doing). Now that he’s in, however, he plans to expose the school o...

Geetika Mahajan


Geetika (10) is a staff writer for the Irvington Voice. This is her first year writing for the paper. When she isn’t sleeping, eating, or studying, she enjoys watching Parks and Recreation, The Office, and other sitcoms that ...

Felicia Mo

News editor

Felicia (11) is one of the News Editors in the Voice and has a strong passion for writing, which stems from her love for reading. Her greatest regret is reading so much in her younger years that she made a fatal mistake, costi...

Emily Liu


Emily (12) is the photojournalist and news advisor for The Voice. She enjoys capturing the artistic side of humanity with her literary arts magazine, ZOOM. In her free time, she loves to take photos and horribly edit them (accordi...

Ashka Patel

Photos editor

Ashka (12) is the Photos Editor for the Voice, although she is basically all over the place, doing whatever she wants. As of September 2019, she has two viral Tik Tok videos, but she is very upset because many potentially-viral ...

Arshad Mohammad


Arshad (12) is a staff writer for The Voice and this is her first year on the staff. She joined The Voice because she thinks journalism is a powerful way to empower the uninformed. She enjoys watching too many movies, taking too man...

Anushka Nair


Anushka (10) is a first year staff writer at The Irvington Voice. In her free time, Anushka enjoys watching Tasty videos, napping, and trying out new food places with her friends. Through journalism, she hopes to express herself an...

Andrew Fu

Editor-in-chief/ Opinions editor

Andrew (12) is an Opinions Editor and one of two editors-in-chief for The Voice. He enjoys writing snarky comments on opinions articles and scaring J1 kids, but not as much as reveling in the power of his EIC position. After thre...

Alice Shu

Humor editor

Alice (11) is humbled to be the Humor editor for this year. She has promised to rule with an iron fist but we all know she won’t commit to that. She looks forward to diversifying the Humor section and adding more satire to the p...

Akshita Nair

Entertainment editor

Akshita (12) is an entertainment editor for her second year in The Voice. Her favorite part of being on The Voice staff is writing articles and the free food.You can usually find her reading fantasy books or watching tv shows inst...

Achintya Pinninti

Sports editor

Achintya (12) is the sports editor this year, alongside Michael. This is his third year in the Voice, and second year as sports editor. Other than writing for the paper, you can find him playing soccer or video games, or just ...

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