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Irvington considers implementation of new flex advisory

The new flex advisory system would not require students to use planners in order to move from one advisory to another for tutorial, and instead would use a website.
Ayush Patel and Isha Sanghvi April 30, 2018

Since the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, the Irvington Advisory Committee –comprised of select staff and ASG members– has considered implementing a new advisory system to allow for more effective...

As Roasted As Black Coffee

The admissions officers use happy hour to roast their favorite applications of the day while drinking coffee.
Pia Parekh, Staff Writer November 11, 2017

An undercover Irvington journalist recently received intel that college admission officers secretly mock subpar application essays during happy hour at a local cafe. In a follow-up investigation, the journalist...

Irvington raises money for Hurricane Harvey victims

Irvington raises money for Hurricane Harvey victims
Atira Nair, Entertainment Editor October 24, 2017

From Sept. 11 to 15, Irvington’s Associated Student Government hosted a fundraiser for Clear Brook High School, one of the many high schools in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey, which devastated...

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