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Irvington Administration Accelerates Toward Goal of Gender Neutrality

Irvington Administration Accelerates Toward Goal of Gender Neutrality

Elaine Chan, Student Life Editor

October 17, 2017

In response to California Assembly Bill 1732—passed earlier this spring—which mandated that all-gender bathrooms must be available in all public facilities, Irvington administration took action to initiate gender equity on campus.  Last year, these actions included the start of open discussions reg...

ASB presents petition to improve bathrooms at FUSD board meeting

This girl’s bathroom, located next to Room 94 and across from Room 106, sees frequent, daily usage from a multitude of students. (Picture: Sabrina Sun).

Sabrina Sun, Entertainment Editor

January 29, 2017

The Irvington ASB presented a petition campaigning for the improvement of Irvington’s bathrooms to the FUSD Board during a public board meeting on Jan. 11. ASB President senior Nickita Gupta, who was also involved in the installation of the automatic water fountains, created the petition. Supporters...

Confessions of a IHS Bathroom-goer

December 18, 2012

The female version If nobody has noticed yet, there's an overabundance of problems with our school bathrooms. Why do people continue to go to said bathrooms? Because it's one step up from peeing in the trees. Here's a list of things that have gone wrong with the [girls'] bathrooms. Maybe one day, w...

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