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(Highly unlikely to make any) boasts of giving power to the people, but exaggerates it’s capabilties in the vast majority of cases, resulting in the trivialization of important issues and the promotion of a “slacktivism” culture.

Radhika Munshani, News Editor

November 29, 2016 provides an online platform where people from around the world can voice ideas and beliefs that can ultimately culminate in strong calls to action. The accessibility to a large worldwide audience ( boasts over 45 million users spanning the globe) as well as the relative simplicit...

Top 10 Ways the Office Rejects Your Petition for a Schedule Change

September 21, 2013

Why we are never satisfied By Kevin Hsu We have all witnessed the outrageously long lines that only give you a “chance” to pick up those notorious petition forms. Unfortunately, getting your hands on the form will only get you though step one. To change your schedule successfully, you will still h...

Teacher Shopping

Kanika Priyadarshi

September 15, 2011

Petitions interpreted differently by students Dozens of students lined up outside the office doors to petition for their classes. Many who stood in line wanted another teacher rather than a different class. Unfortunately, the office does not allow “teacher shopping” and have repeatedly say that at the ...

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