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Irvington is not literally a jail

December 30, 2015

By Caitlin Chen | Opinions Editor Irvington’s hallowed halls abound in questions of its origin; how did gum get on the ceiling? Why are the murals so weird? Why are people leaving masking tape written with Voltaire’s quotes everywhere? However, the most widely discussed rumor of all is the Irvington b...

New Vice Principal at Irvington

Devin Trubey

September 25, 2012

Mrs.Kubina now a Vice Principal at Irvington By Devin Trubey In the past Irvington administrators have been snatching up spots as Horner Jr. High administrators, such as Mr. Bailey and Mr.Musto, but Mrs.Kubina is starting to settle the score. Before coming to Irvington she taught at Millard Elementary School and Horner Jr.Hig...

Administrative Musical Chairs

September 15, 2011

Office Staff Goes Through Major Changes With every new school year, there is the inevitable shifting and shuffling of the office administration staff. As our school bid adieu to former principal Mr. Murchison (now ROP Superintendent) last year, it was time for someone to fill in his shoes. This year...

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