New Vice Principal at Irvington

Mrs.Kubina now a Vice Principal at Irvington

By Devin Trubey

Mrs.Kubina is all smiles for her new job.

In the past Irvington administrators have been snatching up spots as Horner Jr. High administrators, such as Mr. Bailey and Mr.Musto, but Mrs.Kubina is starting to settle the score. Before coming to Irvington she taught at Millard Elementary School and Horner Jr.High.

When asked how she is coping with the change she said, “Honestly leaving the classroom was a very difficult decision because I have taught for 15 years; it has been bitter sweet, but this opportunity opened up. I’m ready for the challenge.”

Mrs.Kubina was overjoyed to stay in the district since, “I have been a part of this community my whole life so it’s nice to give back to a community that has always been there for me.” Overall, Irvington seems to be a perfect fit as Mrs.Kubina is a huge fan of the benchmarks and was ecstatic about Maze Day. When asked what her motto for the year was she said, “Well isn’t it obvious? Let’s Go Vikings!”