What Students Do When They Don’t Pay Attention in Class

While sitting in my third period class the other day, I realized that Irvington students are quite creative in finding ways to entertain themselves in class. Through a variety of activities, students manage to avoid paying attention and focus on something more productive; games.

1. The Word Game
The word game is a game in which the entire class agrees on a certain word, and this word must then be used as an answer to a question in class. After the word has been used five times, the class decides on a new word, and so on.

2. Random Questions
One student in the class will write a question on a piece of binder paper, and under the question there will be two to three responses. The paper will be passed around the room and the other students will vote under the response they think is correct. At the end of the period the results are announced.

3. Making finger puppets

4. Counting how many times a teacher says a certain phrase.

5. Make faces with your friend across the room until you get caught.

6. Draw on the person who is sleeping next to you.

7. PEN
This game is played the same way you play HORSE in basketball, but instead of shooting a ball, you twirl a pen. Each time you drop the pen you get a letter, and if you spell out PEN, you lose.

8. Clothes Pin Game
The goal of the game is to pin a clothespin on another person without them noticing. You get one point for putting it on a student, and get five points for getting it on a teacher. Extra points are awarded for each extra clothespin you can attach to the first one.

9. Calculator Pictionary
Popular among student now is calculator pictionary, in which students will draw certain figures on their calculator and another student will have to guess what it is.

10.Calculator Competition
Pressing the calculator as many times as possible in one minute, and seeing who can get the highest number of presses.