First Ever Viking Forum Draws a Crowd

Irvington students voice their opinions

On Thursday, Norse Hall was filled to the brim with students there to voice their opinions during ASB’s very first Viking Forum during tutorial. The forum, a deviation from ASB’s usual weekly business meetings, is now open to the entire student body. The meeting called for students to share their opinion regarding how to spend the $2,500 in parent donations that the school has recently acquired.

Ideas ranged all the way from campus beautification to Viking appreciation. Many students proposed that the money be spent on repaving the worn out parking lot.  However, the cost of this would exceed $45,000, which proves to be a great deal out of range.

Other ideas included repainting the school and placing composting bins all around the school in order to make the school cleaner and greener. Students agreed that this would help boost the school’s national standing as America’s greenest school as well as make the campus more appealing to the eye.

Several students suggested ASB hold a school-wide carnival in order to appreciate Vikings for their hard work throughout the school year. The festivities would possibly require hiring a local performer as well as renting attractions such as bumper cars or rock climbing equipment. One enthusiastic student suggested that free food also be served to Vikings. However, this idea conflicts with current state nutrition laws that limit what food can and can’t be provided in schools.

School spirit proved to be another prominent issue. Students suggested that more dress up days and spirit weeks be held in order to boost school morale. This includes increasing publicity for existing spirit weeks as well as having more school-wide competitions during the year such as winter week, multicultural week, and battle of the sexes week.

All in all, the forum was massive success with nearly a full house. ASB plans to hold more forums in the future, so be sure to attend and make your voice heard.