Americas Favorite Scam

AFS administrators bomb IHS votes and injure thousands

The contest administrators should not be able to remove votes from the ones a school receives for the America Favorite School contest.  It is very inappropriate to spam pages with nonsense and gibberish, but a vote is a vote no matter how it is written out.

The fact that a person would spend the time to put in a vote shows enough motivation for their vote to be counted in the competition.  Kids in high school are often immature and commit actions just to get attention.  But the fact that the person actually went to the website and voted shows that they probably do care about the outcome of the contest.  Writing obscene things on the message forum is an embarrassment for our school, but that means that we should be able to decide what stays and what goes, not the contest.

Another major problem is the fact that the administrators would be the ones fishing through the comments and votes deciding what to keep and what to delete based on their opinions.  This would cause concern because the selection process could be highly biased.  They obviously do not have the same person going through the thousands and thousands of votes in each school.  The fact that there would be multiple mediators is a huge problem.  Say a highly conservative person reviews our votes and removes a large amount based on his or her opinion on what is inappropriate.  On the other hand, a more accepting mediator might review the other school and only remove a fewer number of votes than the stricter one.  One could see how this could result in the ultimate demise of one school and raise the chances of success for the other.  To reduce the number of variable factors that would alter the results of the competition, administrators should count all votes given to each school.  This would reduce bias and increase the legitimacy of the contest.