Kick Back and Relax Day

National holidays come and go, and no one seems to forget when the  special days occur. But, if you were to ask them what national holiday it was or what the reasoning was behind our day off of school, I can guarantee a few puzzled looks will show up.

There is approximately one national holiday per month, excluding March which hardly matters because Easter is close enough anyway. It seems a bit ironic that there is exactly one per month–like the presidents planned it that way.. Knowing that I get that one day to look forward to at the beginning of each month does not make me complain, but it makes me wonder why in fact we get the day off. It would make sense if all of us were given a free day to sit and remember why we were “celebrating” President’s day or Labor Day in the first place.

Instead of pondering the meaning of Martin Luther King’s Day, most of us were probably hanging out with some friends or studying; oblivious to what Martin Luther King Jr. did for America about fifty years ago. In fact, President Obama made it a point to renounce the day as a day of service, while in fact many citizens didn’t go. But although the true meaning may be forgotten, refusing a day off from school would be like to refusing a bowl full of ice cream. And we aren’t the only ones who forget the meaning of national holidays.

Retail stores and business also find a way to have sales surrounding upcoming national holidays. It is the middle of January, and “Pre-President’s day Sale” pamphlets are piling up in my mailbox. Would the president’s appreciate their “day” being spent at the mall?

I felt guilty sitting at the movies on Martin Luther King’s Day. Maybe I should have spent the day watching his speech on Youtube. Perhaps when President’s day comes around, I will memorize all the presidents so they feel honored, and the purpose behind the day off will not be completely useless.