A Green Revolution

Keeping up with the Green Advisory’s many events

The Green advisory, which is in its first year of existence in the 2009-2010 school year, has undertaken much responsibility with man new events. Starting off with the Green Fair in the fall, the Green Advisory has continued to make its impact on Irvington. One way it has impacted IHS’s campus is through Club Rush. Before many clubs used to use styrofoam cups and plates to distribute food, and many students would not recycle any plastic utensils. Now, however, Styrofoam plates and cups have been banned from Club Rush and the Green Advisory is helping to encourage greater recycling during these and other campus events. Recently, the Green Advisory took a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences.

In addition, Mr. Clint Johns, Green advisory, math teacher, and technology genius, was featured on Planet Green’s TV show “Living with Ed” as part of the February 2nd, 2010, episode “Staycation.” Planet Green is a cable TV channel run by Discovery communications that is dedicated to helping people live in an eco-friendly manner. Irvington High was featured — as Ed put it as “the greenest school in the nation.”

To learn more about the green advisory talk to Mr. Johns in P-6, Alex Chen, Jasper Lin, Alex Chung, or another one of their members.