IHS Black Light Rally Dazzles

Dark Rally wows Irvington Students

Irvington Rallies are filled with the usual: the singing of Star-Spangled Banner, the JV and Varsity cheerleading routine, drumline’s latest ensemble, and one or two specialty acts. However, this year’s Black Light Rally stood out from the rest of this year’s rallies. All Irvington Students wearing white glowed ethereally while most of the auditorium was dark. The Battle of the Sexes video was clear, audible and funny, while the dancers, singers, and performers were very entertaining. However, many IHS students could not really see the performers because many of them were not wearing white.

“I couldn’t really see many of the performers,” said Junior Riya Singh. “They were wearing dark colors and obviously couldn’t be seen in the dark.”

The girls ended up winning Battle of the Sexes after surviving a poisoned sandwich and despite, some boys feeling the contest was rigged, no riots occurred.

In the last five minutes of the rally, Irvington students got a special treat in the form of Chinese American magician, Chin Chin, who has thrice won the award: San Francisco’s stage magician of the year. Chin Chin performed a disappearing and reappearing act utilizing a wooden chest and an assistant. The spectacular trick was a worthy conclusion to the rally.
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