Blowing It Away

Irvington Wind Ensemble performs at Chabot College

On Friday, February 26, the Irvington High School Wind Ensemble performed at the Chabot College Performing Arts Center at the 4th Annual Chabot College Wind Band Festival. Hosted by the Chabot College Department of Music, the invitational festival was held to showcase high school bands from across the state and to provide feedback to the bands. The festival comprises of only 15 bands.

Leaving at around 9:20 a.m., the IHS Wind Ensemble went by bus to Chabot College in Hayward. Warming up first for around 15 minutes, the band then proceeded to play three songs at the wooden stage of the 1, 432-seat performing center. Included in their performance were a festival prelude, Elegy for a Young American, and the Bushdance. After the performance, they went to a clinic where they received flash drives of their performance as well as constructive critique from the festival’s panel. They also had the opportunity to watch other bands perform.

“We were one of the earlier bands to perform,” said sophomore Lauren Tam. “Then, we watched Saratoga High perform. Their percussion was awesome.”

The IHS Wind Ensemble consists of around 60 students and includes instruments such as the flute, percussion, and French horns. This is the band’s 5th performance this year. They will be performing again in April for the Band Tour and several more times throughout the year.