Cancelled Mid-Boil

Monday’s dumpling-making workshop is halted

Every year, Irvington High School celebrates its diversity through Multicultural Week. Starting on April 19, 2010, this year’s Multicultural Week kicked off with Asian Day. Students were encouraged to wear traditional Asian clothing or yellow/gold. A dumpling-making workshop hosted by ASB and Asian Club was also scheduled to occur in Room 104 6th period.

The workshop began with little problem. The Norse Hall was filled with students who had filed out of their 6th period class to learn how to make dumplings, a traditional Chinese dish. Students were each given a flat circular piece of dough for the skin. Later, volunteers from Asian Club scooped filling (either meat or vegetarian) onto the dough and taught students how to shape the dough so that it formed a dumpling.

Right as the students were lining up to cook the dumplings, however, Mr. Musto came in, dismissing the workshop. Apparently, cooking in the Norse Hall is prohibited due to risk of fire. Also, the mandatory advisor needed for such a workshop was not there. Students there said the advisor was supposed to be Ms. Yan, but she had yet to show up at the workshop. As a result, the workshop was canceled, the dumplings still uncooked.

This workshop is just one of many workshops to come, one every day to celebrate the many cultures. Other activities include Club Rush and Españolandia.