Multicultural Week: European Day

The workshop for the fourth day of Multicultural Week, European Day, was a showing of the movie Wasabi, starring Jean Reno. About thirty students came to Norse Hall after lunch, missing sixth period. Madam Fabienne Cayla, one of Irvington’s French teachers, hosted the movie, as well as some members of the French Club. They had leftover Starbucks and donuts from Club Rush for sale.

Wasabi is a crime-cop dramedy that is half in French, half in Japanese, with English subtitles. Hubert Fiorentini is a French policeman forced to take two months off by his boss. He goes to Japan to hear the will of his one true love, Miko, who recently died, only to discover Miko’s daughter, Yumi, who is his child as well. Hubert also discovers that Miko had stolen a small fortune from the yakuza, and all of the money is destined for Yumi. Hubert realizes that his daughter is in danger from the yakuza, so meets up with a former colleague, Momo, who helps Hubert with further investigations into Miko’s death and in guarding Yumi from the yakuza.