And Things You Should Hate Too

Admit it, there are things that grind everyone’s gears, whether it is when someone rejects your Facebook friend request or someone flat-tires you in the hallways. Here are some compilations:

  1. When I hold a door open for someone and he or she does not say “thank you”.
  2. When people wear jeans under a dress. If you’re doing it for warmth, then it’s probably too cold to wear a dress to begin with. If you’re doing it because you think it looks good, you’re wrong. Straight up.
  3. When the first question on a test looks difficult.
  4. How it’s still dark when I wake up for school on winter mornings. No offense, winter.
  5. American Apparel’s ads. I usually feel the need to take a cold shower after seeing them.
  6. When people in mall kiosks try to sell me something and I feel like I can’t say “no” to them.
  7. That potato chip bags are filled one-third of the way.
  8. When people don’t try to pronounce words correctly, especially names.
  9. When people click their pens eighty times in a row.
  10. When I argue about a recurrent issue and someone says “Name one time it happened”, and I can’t name any but I know I’m right.