Hipster University of Counter-Culture

If personal statement prompts were Hipsters…

1. Explain the significance that your favorite Arcade Fire album had on your life.
2. If you could play any Michael Cera role what would it be and why?
3. Who has influenced you the most— George, John, Ringo, or Paul?
4. If you could go to any music festival what would it be and why?
5. Would you rather use Helvetica to type your essay or a grunge font? Explain why.

6. Choose one of the following eyewear: Ray Ban Wayfarers, nerd glasses, shutter shades, and Buddy Holly glasses. How have these glasses influenced you?

7. What is your favorite clothing item from Urban Outfitters, and how does it define you?

8. If you had a day to spend with the Beatles, how would you use your time?

9. How has having a bike as your sole form of transportation influenced your life?

10. If you could choose one song from your vinyl record collection, what would the song be?