Aspirations Erased

Mural gone?




Because The Staff of the The Voice felt it was necessary, we decided to do further research on the matter. An updated version of the story has been published by Melanie Doherty. Please read that article to understand the situation. You can find the updated article here.


Thank you for understanding.

~The Staff

On Friday, 9/23, the school administrators decided to coat over the mural painted just inside the dance studio. This action enraged not only those in IHS Creator’s-University (previous Hip Hop Club), but also the student population at Irvington High School. In just one afternoon, students have been setting statuses and changing their profile pictures to speak out for the mural. The complaint is spreading throughout the popular media of Tumblr and Facebook. Over 200 students have set their profile pictures as the mural, and a Tumblr post with an inspiring quotation from  junior Chris Lee has gotten about 150 posts.

Upset and discouraged by the administrators, the club is boycotting the school by practicing outside the dance studio until a viable solution has been proposed and compromised. Senior Wilber Lai mentions he finds it “extremely hypocritical that our school supports art and yet [Irvington] decides to tear the mural down which is a representation of a modern identity and culture.”