The Future of Textbooks is… Printouts?!

Budget Cuts are Increasingly Becoming a Problem

The classrooms at Irvington High School are facing major challenges at budget cuts continue to affect the way teachers present their lessons. Teachers everywhere are resorting to other methods of providing education to their students as the money provided for needed material proves insufficient. For some, that means requesting mandatory donations of anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars.

In Mrs. Yan’s Chinese 4 and AP classroom, combined recently due to shortage of money, students are forced to use printouts instead of textbooks because the school cannot provide the books. “Budget cuts make it difficult to teach,” the Chinese teacher stated. “It’s been five years, and Chinese AP still doesn’t have textbooks. Now we’re combining language classes too? It’s too much.”

For now, this is an isolated incident, but with the economy the way it is, it may not be too long before schools all over the world are forced to use similar methods.