District Unblocks Facebook and Youtube for Educational Purposes

Teachers and Staff Bypass District Site-Blocker through iBoss

In an effort to make information sharing more convenient, provide greater lecture opportunities, and adapt educational methods that can keep pace with developing technology,  the Fremont Unified School District unblocked social networking and video streaming sites (Facebook and Youtube) strictly for teacher and administrative use.  Under the server iBoss,  teachers are able to bypass the district site-blocking system which still remains in effect on public and foreign devices not registered to the Irvington domain. This means that students whose computers connect to the campus’s Wi-Fi  won’t necessarily be registered under the domain that bypasses the block, and therefore will be unable to access Facebook or Youtube. This way, teachers can utilize online resources and students won’t be able to distract themselves.  Irvington’s  network administrator and tech support/math teacher, Mr. Clint Johns is among many teachers who finds that the change provides a larger variety of options in delivering class material. Facebook and youtube is also developing to fit teacher needs as well. Youtube has dedicated a channel for teacher resources which can be used to stimulate classroom engagement.