Al Davis (1929-2011): A Tribute

Davis leads behind a long legacy of excellence behind him

On October 8th, 2011, Al Davis, a prominent American football executive and principal owner of the Oakland Raiders, passed away. Davis was known for his burning passion for football and his desire to succeed, which was made apparent by his motto: “Just win, baby.”  Born in Massachusetts, Davis went on to graduate from Syracuse with a major in English. Afterwards, he started as a line coach of Adelphi College and in 1962, Raiders partner Wayne Valley hired him, and he became the youngest person in football history to hold the title of head coach and general manager of a football team at the age of 33. Using an offensive game strategy, Davis pushed the Raiders to exceed their limits and achieve true football excellence. With a score of 10-4,the first winning record of football history, he became the 1963 coach of the year. From 1967-1985, the team played tremendously, winning three Superbowls, one AFL Championships, and numerous division championships. With his long legacy left behind, it is clear that Mr. David will be remembered for ages to come.