“Freak Incident” on Mission Peak

Freshman on Health field trip get ambushed by wasps.

On October 18, Irvington’s Health department hosted a field trip to Mission Peak. They hoped would be a healthy, fun activity for the freshman, but it did not end up that way.

During the hike from the Ohlone trail, an unnamed hiker accidentally stepped on a wasp nest, causing the insects to unleash their anger on the students. In all, 42 students were stung or bitten. After the situation was over, the chaperones and health teachers brought everyone back down to the starting point of the hike. Freshman Vinayak Chetlapalli says, “They checked how many people had bites. The people who had bites were sent home. The people who didn’t get bitten were sent back to school for fourth period.”

According to Mrs. Devakumar, one of the health teachers on the field trip, the student who stepped on the beehive did not do it intentionally. “It was a freak incident,” says Mrs. Devakumar. “No one could have known it would happen.”