Real Steel–Oh, it’s Real

When metals overpower muscles

Imagine a world when a human sport is replaced by a whole new level of robotic violence. This is the world of boxing robot. Set in the near future of 2020, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), a former world-champ boxer, is barely making a living off his once renowned robot, Ambush. As a man who devotes all of his money and time to robot boxing in illegal stadiums, Charlie ignores his 11-year-old son, Max (Dakota Goyo), until Max finds an abandoned robot, Atom, and decides to enter it to the boxing ring. Throughout the movie, both the father and son learn that metallic sports cannot replace the familial love they shared.

This movie is filled with boxing scenes between 2000-pounds, 8-feet tall robots as well as touching scences of Charlie and Max reconciling with one another through a common hobby. Real Steel portrays that despite the prominence of the technology, humans can still find love and passion within one another.