Halloween Showcase

Halloween is not Forgotten

Halloween arrived on a Monday this year, making it hard to celebrate because it’s on a school day, so in the spirit of Halloween, Mr. Ballado’s first period dance class put together a Halloween showcase in Valhalla Theater.

The showcase was held every period and consisted of five group dance acts, one solo act and the finale. All the dancers did the finale, which was on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Junior Dimple Patel states, “My favorite part was definitely the Michael Jackson finale because we got to see all the dancers perform together, which was a great way to end the show.”

Creating a memorable show for other students wasn’t an easy task. There was a lot of behind the scenes work and early preparation. Mr. Ballado says, “My class started preparing for this showcase on the first day of school, September 1st.”

In addition, Sophomore Winnie Ouyang says, “We would practice every day, for an entire period. Adding to that, we also had a ballet teacher come and teach us techniques.”

All the hard work paid off because students noticed all the different styles put together. Junior Dimple Patel says, “I thought there was more variety of dance styles this year, which really made the show memorable.”

Mr. Ballado’s first period class’s efforts made this Halloween unforgettable.