Black Friday vs. Parent Teacher Conferences

Which of the two thoroughly sucks the most?

From the beginning of mankind, our species has attempted to find the answer to the greatest question of our time: Which of the two evils is better – parent-teacher conferences or Black Friday shopping? Read this summary to make your own conclusion.

  • Horribly planned timings. Who in their right mind plans a parent-teacher conference on a school night and a shopping event hours after Thanksgiving dinner? With these horrible time schedules, its almost as if we aren’t supposed to go.
  • Long Lines. Of course once you actually get to where you need to be, you see the thousand people who were more prepared than you and came first. After four never-ending hours of excruciating boredom, you realize that the teacher is done for the day and the product you’ve been looking for is sold out. Better luck next year.
  • You think it will be productive… Of course it will. I mean you’ll finally be able to buy that videogame you’ve been eyeing for months along with the various toys you’ve been meaning to buy as (late) birthday gifts for relatives. Not to mention, you’ll be able to FINALLY meet the teacher that gave your child an ‘A’ because you’re pretty sure they misprinted the grade. And you’ll get all of it done in one night!
  • …but you feel stupid when you actually get there. The toys are regular price? There’s only a one minute conference with the teachers? And after all this waiting? NOOOOOO