The Vow of Silence

The Free the Children’s Club Builds a School by Being Silent

The Free the Children’s club at Irvington participated in the Vow of Silence t on February 24th, 2012.  In this event thirty students at Irvington stayed silent for a whole day to symbolize and make people aware of the millions of kids around the world who are silenced by poverty and nothing they do or say can change their futures for the better.

The Vow of Silence takes place in every school at different times and each school decides to do it for one specific project for an underprivileged society.  The Free the Children’s club raised about $1500 dollars and all the money is going towards building a school in Kenya.  The way club members fundraised prior to the event was through an internet portal, door to door, and word of mouth.   On the actual Vow of Silence day many club members had signs on their shirts making people aware of their reason for their silence.  This also gave led people to donate.

This event not only had a positive effect on making a difference, it also had a positive effect at the students who participated in it.  Sophmore Sohinee Oswal said, “Although it was challenging at times, this experience was life changing and helped not only raise money for building a school in Kenya, but raised awareness and improved my self-control”.

The president of Free the Childrens’ club, president Emon Datta, had a few words to add about how she felt about the event.  She said, “Just not talking for a day was very difficult.  It is hard to imagine how underprivileged children around the world feel when anything they say or do just doesn’t make a difference.  They don’t have the resources to break the cycle of poverty and those resources are something this club is striving to provide for them”.