IHS Choir Attend 2012 ACDA Women’s Festival

Over 40 IHS Female Students Compete in Choral Competition 

On Saturday, February 26, 2012 IHS’s choir teacher, Mrs. Olson, brought 48 female Vikings to this year’s American Choir Directors Association (ACDA) Women’s Festival, an annual competition between the top ten choirs of Northern California.

Both the Treble Ensemble (all-girls) and the females of the Chamber Chorale (coed) had been practicing their three songs for several months prior. During the festival, they sang first with “Os Justi” (Eleanor Daley), “Oh, Eve!” (Grace Remington), and “Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet” (John Parker).

“It was really exciting because I’ve never competed in a choir competition before,” junior Kelly Chang says.

Unfortunately, they did not place in the top five, but nevertheless, “It was a great experience for all of us,” Mrs. Olson says.