Irvington DECA State Competition

Irvington students shine at the California State Competition in Irvine.

While Fremont slept, the Irvington High School horseshoe teemed with excited teenagers on the morning of Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 5 am. Fifty-eight students and four adults soon embarked on an eight-hour ride to Irvine for the DECA States conference. These students had prepared for months for this business competition and they were excited for this unique experience.

Junior Trisha Vijay said, “Mr. Ballado (club advisory). Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Suzuki, and Ms. Yan chaperoned the event. It was nice of them to dedicate their time to help the weekend run smoothly.”

Soon after their arrival at Irvine on Thursday, the students quickly changed into their business attire and took the cluster exams that corresponded to their events. The next day students presented their projects for their written reports. On Saturday the students participated in their role-play events, followed by the mini-awards ceremony. Students woke up early on Sunday morning to clear out their rooms and attend the awards ceremony that would determine which students qualified for the upcoming International Conference (ICDC) in late April.

Juniors Japjot Bal, Trisha Vijay, Christopher Vu, and Devika Sagar qualified for their events. Sophomores Vahini Patel, Raadhika Shah, and Jason Amico also qualified. Seniors Danny Kim, Harry Liu, and Wilber Lai went on stage as finalists in their events.

Lastly, freshman Scott Ho qualified for ICDC as well. Soon after the ceremony the students left to return back to Fremont. All participants made the Irvington DECA club, its officers, and advisory proud!