Irvington Meets Stanford Math Tournament

IHS mathematicians placed well

On Saturday February 2nd, Irvington students participated in the annual Stanford Math Tournament, a student-run math competition for high school students. Irvington participants senior Andrew Wang, juniors Evan Chen, Nathan Wong, Michael Zhang, David Wang, Owen Wang, and Primus Lam, sophomore Michael Lu and freshman Cathy Wang signed up as two teams, under the names “Turtles” and “Turtles Too.” Irvington placed 10th overall out of 40 teams from across the country and around the world.

Co-president Nathan Wong said, “They made the contest easier this year so the tournament was accessible to more students.”

Every individual tournament participant can enter in the general math competition or in two of the following subject tests: algebra, geometry, calculus, and advanced topics. Team tests included team and power exams. All Irvington participants chose to enter in subject tests. Both team “Turtles” and “Turtles Too” entered team and power tests. Irvington came in eighth place for power tests.

“I think the quality of the questions this year were higher and I felt that the difficulty was okay,” former math club president Evan Chen said. “The easier problems got easier and the harder problems got harder, but there were no medium-level questions.”