Irvington Traffic Woes

Getting to school is becoming increasingly challenging

By Aaron Whitaker

It is Monday morning.  Your shrill alarm beeps until you force yourself up.  You live five miles from school, yet you have to leave at 7:30 to ensure you make it on time.

You get in the car at 7:30 sharp.  It begins raining as you head to school.  Traffic is smooth until you hit the intersection of Fremont Blvd. and Blacow.  The left hand turn lane is filled with about twenty cars and each light allows through five cars every three minutes.  You decide to take a right at Blacow and make a U-turn, only to be greeted by another stack of twenty cars.

The traffic is so horrendous that it takes you three lights to get across Fremont Blvd. Now you are on your way towards Sherwood, only to be greeted by greedy drivers who won’t let you into the right lane or drive on the curb to ensure their kids stay dry.  The line to get into the parking lot is long and moves sluggishly since the guy in front is letting everyone and their mother cross. You don’t have to yield. It’s optional anyway.  The cops are too busy dealing with the jaywalkers.

You finally make it into the parking lot and nobody obeys the traffic laws. Forget about following the arrows. They are put their as a courtesy, but who cares? You try to find a spot nearby the building so you will not be late, but some idiot driving the wrong way takes your spot.  You find a spot a ways from the building, forget to lock your car, leave your precious phone behind, and make a mad dash to get to first period World History before Mrs. Hull sends you to the anxiously awaiting attendance clerk.

You enter class two seconds late. Just another after school detention you will have to serve. Maybe getting up one hour earlier to take the “environmentally friendly” bus is not such a bad idea after all.