Nina Davulri Crowned Miss America 2014

First Indian to be crowned Miss America

By Sangeetha Srinivasan

On September 14, 2013, Nina Davuluri became the first woman of Asian Indian descent to wear the Miss America crown.  Davuluri stands as an example to society today, showing us that America is truly a melting pot of different cultures and appearances. While beauty may play a part in the selection, it is the motives and personality that creates the ideal female face of America – the woman who represents our nation.

Through this history-making crowning ceremony, in which two Asian Americans were the final two remaining candidates, America learns that we are a nation who accepts all races and faces. We are a nation thick with color and culture. We all stand together and accept our differences as we present our own individualistic characteristics.

During her year of service as Miss America 2014, Davuluri will be promoting her personal platform, “Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency.”  Davuluri has been working on these issues for several years. Now she will use her national platform/status to raise awareness. She is proud of her accomplishment and is glad that children at home will have a new face to relate to as they break barriers. She encourages constructive and civil dialogue on diversity issues through her social media campaign. Davuluri asks people to forward representative thoughts and stories about their experiences on how our nation can advance cultural awareness.  People can send information using #CirclesOfUnity on Twitter to @MissAmerica, Instagram to @missamericaorg and to

The Miss America Organization is a scholarship federation promoting young eligible women towards excellent leaders/ role models of society. It is the largest scholarship organization making $45 million for exceptional young women. Davuluri is the first Miss America of Indian decent, but she is not the first Asian Miss America; The first women of Asian decent was crowned in 2003.