The Risks of Riding a Bike

Is it Worth It?
By Nathan Fu
Biking is really fun and it also provides exercise, but is it still worth it with all kinds of risks these days? Here are some reasons why not to bike.
1) Garbage trucks. They are the sworn enemies of bikers. Why? An innocent biker be peacefully rides his bikes. Then a huge and smelly truck passes by. If his luck is really bad, trash from the garbage truck comes flying out. And of course, where there are garbage trucks there is the god-forsaken smell that it brings with it.
2) The world is pretty awesome, but it’s not perfect. So naturally, there are some crazy drivers out in this world. The worst kinds of drivers are the ones that drive while using their phones. They do not see you and they will almost always drive at a fast speed. The combination of the speed the car is driving at and the sheer size of the car makes the biker wobble around as if in an earthquake.
3) Finally there are the terrible seats that guys have to sit on for bikes. The seats are hard, narrow, and it is a guarantee that it will give your butt a cramp. Girls get to sit on seats that are wider and softer. However, guys cannot ride the girl bikes or else they’ll be made fun of.