Korean Dramas Review

Dramas to watch (and ignore) this coming break

By Kelsey Wong

Spring Break’s just around the corner, which means it’s time for me to sit back and relax, turn off Facebook notifications, grab a bag of chips, and start catching up on Korean dramas. I honestly have no idea why I watch Korean dramas. Yes, some dramas have the same exact predictable plot, and yes, you’re in for 12-16-24 hours of cheesiness, but they’re so good, pulling out all those emotions you’ve been hiding in your heart since sixth grade..since your sixth grade crush..yeah, let’s save that story for another time.

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite dramas…and some I would urge you to stay away from.


1)      Brain (2011)

april-ent-kdramas-brainI never thought I’d fall in love with a medical drama, but the main actor, Shin Ha-Kyun, is an incredible performer and after a couple minutes I had already begun to believe he was the cold, calculating character he plays. Hospital politics and strong supporting characters also help to build tension throughout the drama. But watching the main character, Lee Kang-Hoon, grow as a person is the most rewarding part of Brain.



2)      City Hunter (2011)

ÜÂðÒÌÕ0ÑIf you’re looking for a drama filled with action, romance, and intense music, City Hunter is the one for you. I’ve re-watched this drama three times just because it’s exciting to see Lee Min-Ho using his spy gadgets and physical strength to defeat the corrupt political baddies, one by one. City Hunter is filled with a lot of familial twists, and it’s definitely emotional to see our hero come to see who he truly is. I love the sound track of this drama too. However, I was not able to connect to the main female lead, played by Park Min-Young, simply because I did not like the on-off submissive character she presented, and her acting was generally bland.



3)      Sly and Single (2014)

april-ent-kdramas-slyandsingleI’ve joined the Sly and Single bandwagon! This drama, which began airing in February 2014, focuses on the relationship between Na Ae-ra and Cha Jung Woo, a divorced couple that ends up in the same workplace. This drama makes me laugh out loud, and yet it also has its touching scenes. I like how Sly and Single focuses on repairing relationships and the main female lead is independent and confident in her identity, finding fulfillment in herself before finding fulfillment in another.



Dramas you should avoid. (Like, really. It’s not worth your time.)

1)      You’re Beautiful (2009)

april-ent-kdramas-yourebeautifulSorry You’re Beautiful fans, but, I truly cannot see why anyone would want to watch this drama. I can’t stand the female lead and I don’t understand the male lead. The acting is nothing close to believable and I got tired of the main female lead’s puppy face facial expression by Episode 2. I guess You’re Beautiful could be credited as “cute,” but honestly, I didn’t see dynamics between anyone, or anything. Though the soundtrack is nice, but nice music still cannot make up for a crappy drama.