More New Rules Change Club Procedures

ASB adds petition and ‘three by three rule’ for next year’s clubs

By Enya Kuo | News Editor

Irvington clubs take note: more changes are coming to club rules and club registration processes in 2014. Besides the club points system created this year, the newly elected ASB is implementing further measures in an effort to improve the quality of Irvington clubs.

Club registration forms now require 12 signatures petitioning for new or existing clubs so that the clubs secure prospective membership. In addition, the “three by three rule” forbids staff members from advising more than three clubs and students from being an executive officer for more than three clubs.

Next year’s Clubs Commissioner, junior Marissa Thein, explained that  the “three by three rule” will ensure that students are committed to the clubs they join. “We want to see more passion and effort from the officers of the clubs,” she said. “I hope the officers will be able to put 110 percent of their effort into their clubs.”

Thein also added that she believes the new club points system has been generally successful. “I will definitely continue to use that system but will probably be stricter,” she said.

The student body has been somewhat polarized by these new rules, though some students support the changes. “I like the new ‘three by three rule,’” said junior Channing Whitaker, “because it gives other people the opportunity to run clubs and gain leadership skills rather than the same core people running multiple clubs.”

However, some students disagree with the implications of limiting certain positions for people. “I totally oppose the ‘three by three rule.’ Executive positions should be given to people who qualify for the job and not to someone who doesn’t have a position and wants the title,” said sophomore Cathy Wang, who is secretary of Biotech Club and treasurer of both Math Club and Science Club. “If someone can get several executive positions in different clubs, it means that they are capable and hardworking. They deserve it. It has nothing to do with the quantity of positions they hold.”

Wang also stated that although the effort has good intentions, the 12-signature petition is ineffective. “I understand the attempt to make sure that there are actually active and/or prospective members of the club. But anyone can sign the petitions, whether they are or are not in the club, so it doesn’t mean that much.”

ASB will be starting the club registration process on May 7 for new and existing clubs. As Irvington has over 60 clubs on campus, these new rules will have far-reaching effects, but students will have to wait until next September to see whether the changes are for better or for worse.