Newly designed service learning website


Servicekarma mobile app

By Jonathan Chen | Staff Writer

Irvington’s previous service learning website,, is no longer accessible. Since September 22, students have been required to use a different service learning website,, to enter their hours.

Service Learning Coordinator Mr. Lewis and a handful of developers worked together to create the new website. No students participated in the development of, unlike the previous website.

“The website was created for students who either don’t have a mobile device or prefer to use a computer to enter service hours,” said Mr. Lewis. “There are mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices, available for download on the App Store and Google Play. This allows students to not only enter service hours on the computer, but also on mobile devices.”

“There is a real UI [User Interface], and it looks a lot more professional, but I’m cautious of new problems it might create,” said junior Robin Cheng. “The old service learning site had many problems, and has solved many of them, but there might still be some problems that arise from this new service learning website.”

“We revamped our service learning website to make it easier for students to enter service hours,” said Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis wanted to make a more interactive system that could help students find service opportunities around the Irvington community. The new service learning site also offers a pie graph that shows students the variety of volunteering they have done, which include educational, environmental, humanitarian, and others.