New health regulations cause major changes to club rush menu

By Ayush Patel | Staff Writer

In August of 2015, Michelle Obama signed a mandate that schools across America need to provide healthier foods for students. Ms. Obama is determined to eliminate child obesity within this generation and intends to increase the amount of physical activity for children and ensure that every household has easy access to healthy food. As a result, students at Irvington High School will see several changes Club Rush in upcoming Club Rush events.

“Any club that will be selling food will also need to provide the nutritional information,” explained senior Gautam Mehta, who is the clubs commissioner. Clubs will be required to limit their snacks and entrees to 250 and 400 calories respectively. This is problematic for several clubs including MECHA, which sells churros that are well over this amount of calories.

Mr. Ballado, the MECHA advisor, stated that the club is currently thinking of replacement items for churros.

“I don’t get it. Do we have to sell apples, pears, and salads at club rush now?” he asked “MECHA is strong though, s we’ll carry on.”

Mr. Willer, the ASB advisor, is also concerned that these new, increasing regulations will make it more difficult for Irvington High School to host activities that students will enjoy; however, he is hopeful that our school will find a way around this recommendation.

“You would think there would be a decrease,” Willer said “but I’ve seen these students rally and turn a negative into a positive so many times I can’t count them out.”