Hope for Humanity fair spreads awareness about current events

By Tiffany Lin | VTV Editor

Irvington’s first Hope for Humanity fair was held in the cafeteria on Tuesday, Dec 1. Organized by a team of about 11 ASB members, the fair’s goal was to educate students on current events through student-created exhibits.

The team of students from ASB first started organizing the fair the Monday before Thanksgiving break to create the exhibits. The most prominent part of the fair was the informative displays that detailed different issues and current events,highlighting issues not commonly covered by the media. ASB members organized the topics according to their region:Asia Pacific, Africa, Americas & Europe, and the Middle East. Other than the attacks on Paris, other tragedies like the Chennai floods in India and the tsunami in Japan were also covered. ASB Freshman intern Faye Wang found the research process especially enlightening.

“I feel like before this project, I was only exposed to the ‘trending events,’ such as what happened in Paris,” said Wang. “ However, I never realized how many of these types of occurrences happen all over the world, which really surprised me.”

Printouts of pictures and quotes from individuals featured on the photography blog Humans of New York were also displayed, while a large poster set out on a table allowed students to express their own hopes and wishes, ranging from less stress to peace for the countries that were affected by the events featured in the displays.

The individuals who worked on the project hope that students will use the knowledge gained from the displays to become better global citizens and eventually enact change. ASB President Kitty Hu said, “Even though people all over our world struggle, we have to have hope in humanity and learn to see the both the good and the bad that’s happening before we can try to change anything.”

Freshman Faye Wang and senior Kitty Hu spoke about the importance of staying informed about current events at the Hope for Humanity fair (Photo: Tiffany Lin).