SurfBoardE looks to improve school food choices

Radhika Munshani, News Editor

SurfBoardE has taken action to bring new and improved food choices to Irvington. SurfboardE, a student-run group with student representatives from each of the five high schools in the Fremont Unified School District, has pursued the issue after receiving student feedback, which revealed that food choices were a major issue for students.

[SurfBoardE] put out a survey last year to elementary school students at our annual District Representative Conference and the results indicated that school lunches were one of the top priority issues,” said SurfboardE Member and ASB President Senior Nickita Gupta. “Within the past month we released a more detailed survey to all elementary, middle, and high school students and are in the process of getting similar responses of how school lunches are one of the top issues.”

SurfBoardE members regularly go to board meetings at the District Office. As a part of their duties, the student representatives convey information from the meetings to students and vice versa. For members, these meetings were an opportunity to talk to administrators about the state of food choices at the high schools. As a part of their upcoming presentation to the board, they are currently building a case to show how pertinent this issue really is through another student survey.

In conjunction with the work being conducted by SurfBoardE, FUSD recently provided a variety of food choices for students to try. On Wed., Feb. 8, district representatives were able to provide different food options for the lunch menu and students were able to sample in the cafeteria and provide feedback. Hopefully, along with the efforts of SurfBoardE, students can look forward to more appealing food in the future.