Why The DMV Is The Best

Why The DMV Is The Best

Michael Zhu, Staff Writer

The DMV is an experience every young adult will have to face on their journey to a driver’s license. Because of the super long wait times, awful customer service, and general inconvenience, many people dread going to the DMV. However, the DMV is actually a great opportunity to have fun and learn important life skills.

The DMV wouldn’t be the DMV if not for their enormous lines, which is a blessing in disguise. Waiting in the DMV is a great opportunity to be productive. With the 5 hours waiting in line, you can finish studying for your whole permit test! Some other things you can do include: finish a whole season of The Office, finish writing your 6 page essay due tomorrow, or catch up on sleep and get a whole night’s worth of rest. What other institution gives you this much time to finish your work? Definitely not school! In addition, spending a whole evening at the DMV is a great way to socialize and meet new friends. You can meet like-minded people who also strongly dislike long lines.

On the other hand, if you’re not feeling productive, no worries! You can always relax in the overcrowded waiting room with at least one crying baby. Furthermore, the DMV also gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature. Sometimes, the lines are so long that they go out the door and continue outside. This forces you to take a second and enjoy the fresh air, something people in society today don’t do enough.

Another quality many people hate about the DMV is their customer service. Their online appointment system doesn’t even allow people to schedule a behind-the-wheel driving test, which forces them to call customer service. And when you call customer service, they put you on hold for 5 hours and don’t even respond. However, just like their long wait times, their awful customer service is another blessing in disguise. The DMV teaches you important life skills in dealing with unreliable and infuriating people. What other institution teaches you useful skills that you actually use in the future? Certainly not school!

In addition to teaching important life skills, the DMV offers students a fun field trip outside of school! Because the DMV is closed on weekends, students are forced to leave school to take their permit or license tests, giving students a much needed break from the stressful school environment.

In conclusion, the DMV provides a comfortable environment to be productive, while teaching people important life skills. Rather than complaining, people should appreciate the important role the DMV plays in society.