Coronavirus Causes Stock Market to Flourish


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The current flourishing stock market has shown that economists’ predictions of a crash and overall recession are wrong, and stock prices are on the rise despite the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, last week, a number of rich Silicon Valley Giants bought Apple shares at 400 dollars apiece. Many officials predicted that the United States would fall into a recession, as one is overdue. Considering the rise of COVID-19 in the United States, economists thought it would make sense for stocks to fall. However, with more people buying and hoarding items, the skyrocketing stocks of hand sanitizer companies alone keep the economy afloat. Companies that sell outside of “necessary” products during the coronavirus are still seeing high stock prices, as people are trying to make their life indoors as entertaining and as possible.

The general public assumes that factories are shutting down and people are having to work from home, but companies are simply adapting, not failing. They have developed new products, like medical mask dispensers and technology that writes code for coronavirus “go away” chants. As they are still producing at the same rate, and the demand has increased, stock prices flourish.

There is speculation that the government simply made up coronavirus as a means to exert control on the citizens, and the rise of the stock market coincides with that. The Trump administration wants to limit citizen demonstrations and anti-Trump propganda, thus providing a reason for this control prior to the upcoming election. Provided that the government was able to use coronavirus to make the public oblivious to increased production and productivity by companies, it makes sense that the economy would be doing well and the stock market would be as successful as it is.

Additionally, despite the pharmaceutical sector taking a plunge when coronavirus was initially announced simply due to the initial scare and lack of a vaccine (partially due to the anti-vaxx movement), stock prices are steadily increasing because the public is betting on which company is going to come up with the vaccine. For example, much public support is going towards companies capitalizing home remedies, such as “bye corona” stickers and various drink concoctions made from health foods.

Thus, although it may seem like companies are doing less and people are spending cautiously, it is all a facade put up by the government, and as corona stimulates activity, the stock market is flourishing.

Some may call it “stonks,” but the stock market’s success is anything but a joke.