Daylight Savings: The Truth Behind It


Anti-socialist turkey revolution

The army of turkeys, here to take our suburbs away. Stop them, and the Democrats before it’s too late.

As we fall back into November, you may have one question on your mind: why did daylight savings start in the first place? Through our extensive research and credible sources, we have determined that an annual tradition takes place within the government. During the extra hour gained from the time change, they wreak as much havoc as they can. This tradition has been damaging since its start in 1948, but since the Democratic Party has come to control  the House of Representatives, they have taken this practice to another level. They have created a bioweapon, spread COVID, and rigged an election in the span of two years.

The practice began on September 30th, 1948, during the Berlin Airlift. 280,000 aircrafts from Berlin were blocked by the Soviet Union, ending on the 30th. However, we have recently discovered that the United States government, on September 26th (date of the time switch), sent a beam of blue energy to Moscow, hypnotising Josef Stalin into stopping the blockade(full details available on The success of this event led to the annual tradition that is currently being led by the House of Representatives. 

However, once the Democrats took on this real tradition in 2018, they have caused destruction. Through a neutral fact-checker on Twitter, @DemsAreMonsters, we have discovered that the Democrats collaborated with Chinese Communist Party and made the bio-weapon responsible for COVID-19. They claimed that three very short Democrats were running around on Halloween, wearing a cloak. “They were dressed in cloaks, like Death Eaters”, they wrote. “They also carried around these big wands and were chanting some gibberish. I don’t know what that was, but it clearly was the Democrats creating the bio-weapon.”

This year, however, the bioweapon was used again, this time to sway the presidential election in their favor. It was reported that the Democrats in Michigan, dressed as pirates this time, waved a sword in front of the mailboxes. Research scientist R.D. Jhuleani has uncovered that the sword was in fact the bio-weapon, and the swaying motion of the bio-weapon resulted in the casting of 100 illegal ballots in every neighborhood of Michigan. “It almost makes too much sense,” Jhuleani exclaimed from the White House, an uninhabited restaurant in rural Kentucky. 

The most shocking event, however, is what is yet to come. Our sources have uncovered plans from the Democratic Party to unleash an army of turkeys that will end freedom in the United States. Test batches are already in process, with multiple turkeys being unleashed into the suburbs. Given the large number of turkeys already infiltrating the suburbs, even more can be expected. 

The socialist turkeys are a serious threat to our country, and we must get rid of them as well as the tradition of Daylight Savings. Donate to our fund,, to aid in the protection of democracy.