Vikings Football Dominates Link Game


Suyash Lakhman

Irvington Vikings have an extraordinary turnout for the LINK Football Game, with the student section decked out in black and cheering on the team.

The Irvington Vikings Football team took home a decisive 27-13 victory against James Lick Comets at the LINK game. Held on Saturday, September 10th, the game was a success not only on the field, but also in the crowds, with students filling up the bleachers, and supporting the Vikings throughout the game.

The game started off swiftly, with the Vikings securing two touchdowns and PATs(Point after Touchdown) in the first quarter alone. The second quarter was no different, with the Vikings securing another touchdown and PAT in the first couple minutes. In addition, with only one minute left on the clock of the second quarter, the Vikings scored their 4th touchdown of the game. By halftime, the Irvington Vikings were already up 27-0. 

“Offensively, we’ve done a better job,” says Head Coach Matt Kaufman.  “We’ve been improving in the red zone, which is huge because if you want to win games, you have to finish drives.”

The LINK game attracted a large crowd, comparable to previous years’ Homecoming games. With a mix of students, parents, and administration, the crowd was definitely a huge factor in the team’s determination to close out the game strong. “Everyone is extremely energetic here tonight,” says crowd member Yash Damle (12).

Despite a slight drizzle of rain, the crowd stayed vehemently enthusiastic, cheering the Vikings on. Rally Commissioner Julianna Nepomuceno (12) led the crowd through multiple chants, contributing to the overall positive environment of the game. Irvington Band and Cheer were also present at the game, both performing at half-time, while the Vikings football team strategized for the remaining two quarters of the game. Both groups added school spirit to the stands, further energizing the team and the crowd.

Irvington Vikings’ defense was also dominant during the game, keeping James Lick from scoring any points until the last quarter. Wide receiver and safety Jovin Basra (12) had an excellent game, helping lead the team to the win with his zero drops. “Our defense was key to our victory today,” said Captain and Star Linebacker Samuel Ma (12). “While it could have been a bit more solid in the last quarter, overall the team did an excellent job, by not letting James Lick score. Despite the win, there is a lot to learn from this game.”

This mindset of continuously improving is what has led the team to their recent victories and developments from previous years. With the goal of qualifying for the playoffs, the team works tirelessly during practices on specific drills and creating new offensive and defensive strategies for specific teams. 

After securing the win against James Lick Comets, the Irvington Vikings are now 2-1, and are preparing themselves for their future game against the American Eagles, another team in Fremont. “We’re definitely learning week by week,” says Captain and Star Quarterback Aaryan Shah (12). “We will definitely win against Washington next week, and hopefully take home a 9-1 season this year.”

“Last year was our best season in 15 years,” says Coach Kaufman. “We’re off to a great start – the guys are really building off of where we left off last year. This is a gritty group where they have to earn everything that they get, and they’ve been rising up to that challenge.”