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Espanolandia 2017: New designs and booths bring in crowds

Espanolandia 2017: New designs and booths bring in crowds

Manbir Ghuman, Photos and Web Editor

April 26, 2017 On March 21, the second day of Multicultural Week, MECHA held its annual Espanolandia festival in the gym, boasting new booth designs and drawing large crowds of students and teachers. This year’s Espanolandia gave Irvington students the opportunity to experience...

Luis Domantay Crowned Mr. IHS 2014

May 17, 2014

Mr. IHS contestants share experiences after competition By Chandni Patel and Iris Lee | Student Life Editor and VTV Editor This year's Mr. IHS competition opened its curtains to a full crowd that showed up to watch 18 of Irvington High School's senior boys compete to win the title of Mr. IHS. Contestant 9...

May the Best Club Win

Karthik Mayilvahanan

December 7, 2011

Mecha, Battle of the Clubs aim to unify IHS On December 16-17 in Valhalla, Mecha is introducing a new event to Irvington – The Battle of the Clubs. This competition between clubs will require each club to come up with an act, and the winner will receive $500 and a trophy for their club. Mecha a...

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