Top 10 Resources for Students

10 useful resources for students

Often times, students are swamped by homework and miss an episode of their favorite TV show. Hulu usually uploads the same episode the day after it airs, this way students never have to miss an episode.  Hulu is a free website that hosts episodes of many hit TV shows as well as some movies.

Schoolwork can become overwhelming on occasion.  Pandora can be useful during these stressful times.  Pandora is an internet radio that can help you find fresh new music based on your favorites.
It’s our school’s website. What more needs to be said?

Purplemath is a free website with detailed tutorials for algebra concepts.

Many teachers update their teacherweb website with grades and homework updates.

5. Career Center
The Career center has information on volunteer and employment opportunities for students, as well as information on colleges and the application process.

4. School Library
The school library provides students with a quiet place to study as well as computers with internet access.  The librarians are remarkably knowledgeable and can aid you in your research paper.  The school library is open before school, during lunch and after school.

During your time here at Irvington, you will be asked to cite your sources in MLA format on numerous occasions.  Easybib, a MLA  bibliography generator, will make sure that the difference between citing a website and citing a book is the last of your worries.

Sparknotes is a useful resource that provides thorough summaries of books. It will probably save your English grade on numerous occasions over the next few years.

IHSVoice is our website.  It will be updated daily with new articles.  Now you can read our articles between issues as well as comment on them online.