Welcome to the Gun Show

Newark Memorial High School visited by gun wielding teens

Four gunmen scattered across Newark Memorial High School on September 30, 2009, causing a lockdown for more than three hours.  A police officer arrested a sixteen-year old boy in possession of a loaded handgun near the high school and detained three others who were found with him.  Law enforcers suspect that four to seven others fled towards the high school when the other offenders were caught.  The officers informed the school about the armed young men in their area, which resulted in a lockdown at around 11:40 am.

Police believe the armed teens were not planning on doing anything at the Newark High School and went there to blend in and hide from the cops.  Although students were told not to call or text anyone, parents arrived at the school within an hour of the lockdown.  Hundreds of parents parked in the nearby New Park Mall parking lots and waited for news of what was happening inside the school.  The SWAT team arrived at the school and helped escort students to the gymnasium at around 3:00 pm.  The students were then able to leave with their parents as they were escorted out of the school in small, manageable groups.