Fremont’s New Time Square

Prepare yourselves-a new Asian market has emerged on Warm Springs Blvd

If you have driven past Warm Spring Blvd in the past three months, you may have noticed a new shopping complex to the left of Jamba Juice. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this new complex, Barry Swenson Building Company has decided to make  a “Marina Complex” right next to Ross. Although some people already have their credit cards out and are eager to start spending money here, personally, I believe starting up a new shopping center is a bad direction to go. Since when did Fremont need a Time Square?

There are four stoplights right next to the newly built shopping center. As it is, people must wait 2-5 minutes in order to just get passed that area. Adding a new shopping center would only make matters worse.

This complex will have about twenty-three stores and will consist of mostly Asian-American stores. The ultimate goal for this building company is to make this 90,000 square feet area, into “Fremont’s Time square.”

The City of Fremont has recently built a new bridge leading onto Mission Blvd, nearby the shopping center. The initial purpose of this bridge was to reduce traffic, and to allow more cars to get to their destination. It seems like the amount of traffic will go in the reverse direction of their goal by building this complex close to the bridge.

The title of “Fremont’s Time Square” should already scare drivers away. It implies that the area will be chaotic, and full of cars and people. The Warm Springs area does not need any more chaos.

It seems that are way too many shops in that area. From the top of my head I can name about fifty. There is no need to keep bringing in more and more shops.

On top of the congestion, this Asian-themed shopping center will be competing with the Lion’s food center across the street. From previous experience, you would think they would have learned from the Albertson-Safeway battle that went down a couple of years ago. There is only going to be one winner. One shopping complex is out of luck.

Since people find the need to keep building new shops in Fremont, they may want to reconsider building other things than supermarkets. As it is the whole Warm Springs area is flooded with all sorts of food shops. With about forty café’s, Safeway, and multiple restaurants, what is the need to keep building food places? Currently, Americans have been criticized on their increasing weight average; building food shops are only going to make it worse.
There are countless possibilities that the land could have been used for instead of an Asian oriented shopping center.

But,  the shopping center will be ready in two to three months, so I advise you to avoid Warm Springs Blvd. Until then, enjoy the peace and quiet.