Truck Crash Nearby Irvington High

On March 12th, 2010, Irvington students were faced with confusion about the accident that had occurred during advisory period at the intersection of Blacow and Grimmer, nearby Walgreens.

A teenage driver, along with a teenage passenger, were speeding down the road until the two reached Grimmer Blvd. At the same period of time, Irvington students were driving back from their MVROP classes. Upon reaching Grimmer Blvd., the truck crashed against the sidewalk curb, and instantly toppled over. Given the speed at which the car was driving, it was quite expected that the truck would fall, knocking over a small signal post on the way.

No other vehicles were damaged or destroyed at the scene. The truck laid flat, blocking the road for other drivers. Due to seat belt safety, the two teenagers in the truck had severe injuries but no life-threatening issues. The two are currently hospitalized and there has been no other information reported regarding their identity.

While returning back from her class at MVROP, junior Vanessa Reyes witnessed the accident’s aftermath. “It was so spooky and there was just smoke everywhere,” said Vanessa. “At first I couldn’t see anything, and then I saw a bunch of fire trucks and police lights flashing.”

The result of an accident hitting so close to home has caused school officials to cast a more watchful eye over student driving. Officials ask students from Irvington to drive carefully, especially within school zones. Officials say that if the two teenagers had not worn their seat belt, their lives would have been in jeopardy.

Be conscious of how you drive and strap on that seat belt. Stay safe, Vikings.