The Songbirds of This Generation

Camaraderie 4 Benefit Concert

The Camaraderie 4 Benefit Concert was held in the Fremont Senior Center in order to raise funds for the California School of the Blind and the National Eating Disorder Association.  Camaraderie took place on the Saturday night of twenty seventh.  The concert involved various music acts anywhere form singing to playing an instrument.  The show was started a few years ago as a part of somebody’s quest presentation and was passed down every year after that as a tradition.

The large assortment of presentations made for a very interesting presentation.  Although the total outcome was fairly small, the concert had a greater sense of intimacy between the viewers and the performers.  The show collected five dollars per ticket before Saturday and eight dollars at the door.  All proceeds went to the charities mentioned before in order to help out the people who need it the most.  Cookies and lemonade were also sold in exchange for added donations during a short intermission period mid-show.  The performers consisted of students from all ages and grades.  Memorable performances included Thomas Feng’s piece Nocturne, which he wrote himself, Jaags five man music group, and Harry Liu singing and playing guitar for Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.  All other performers also did a magnificent job performing at such a high level while managing to overcome all the pressure of being on stage.  The show was ended with a performance by the acapella group The Syncopasians that consisted of students from another school.