Occupy No More

The Occupy Movement slowly seems to be coming to an end

On September 17, 2011 around a thousand protestors – unaware of the global impact this movement was to have- camped out at Zuccotti Park, Manhattan. Protestors now range in the hundred thousands. However, many of the protestors are unaware that a Canadian magazine, Adbusters, initiated the idea of the Occupy movements. City News Toronto reports that by October 951 cities in 82 different countries supported the Occupy Movement.

As videos of police violence, including the pepper spraying of innocent protestors and the use of tear gas on protestors, reached the Internet, supporters and non-supporters rose in uproar and Occupy Wall Street soon gave way to Occupy Oakland, Occupy Toronto, Occupy San Francisco, and many more around the globe.

However, as violence from the protestors became more apparent, the movement took a turn. Frustrated bystanders inquired about the true motives of these protestors. Without a clear purpose or a distinct leader, the chaos of the occupy movement has resulted in speculations and criticism. Many cities, including LA and Philadelphia, have now issued evictions. A movement that once urged support now receives criticism from media and the public. The future of this movement is currently uncertain, but it does not seem too bright.