Sandy Causes Misconceptions

Drama Pursues Hurricane Sandy

By Chandni Patel

Hurricane Sandy is a tropical cyclone that recently caused the destruction of the East Coast, the Caribbean, Eastern Canada, Haiti and part of Mexico. The cyclone itself was not the reason for such widespread destruction; on its path north, the cyclone was combined with a Nor’easter. The cold front from Greenland, high tides from a full moon and below freezing temperatures along with the cyclone have left millions without electricity and basic necessities.

Along with the devastation, Hurricane Sandy has caused quite a bit of drama. Forbes Magazine says that this is the first time in over a century that the New York Stock Exchange has closed due to weather (the last time being in 1885). Other mishaps caused by the weather are false reports by CNN and the Weather Channel about the alleged flooding of the first floor of the NYSE. The reports have been proven false, and CNN and the Weather Channel have retracted their statements.